At S & A Mechanical Inc., WE’LL DIG DEEPER to save you money. Did you know geothermal is the most efficient type of heating and cooling technology your money can buy? And that today’s geothermal systems don’t necessarily require a big yard, pond or well? Did you know they still qualify for tax credits or 30% of their installed cost? It’s true. When it comes to saving you money while heating and cooling your home, a quit, energy-efficient geothermal system could be the answer and the savings are right there in your yard.

Geothermal Benefits & Setups

A geothermal system is a system used for heating and/or cooling that utilizes the earth as a heat source (to obtain heat in winter) or as a heat sink (to discharge heat for cooling in summer). Geothermal systems simply take advantage of the relatively constant temperature within the earth. Geothermal systems have the potential for significant savings in energy costs and for reducing reliance on fossil fuels like oil and natural gas.

Geothermal systems include a wide variety of designs and operations. These systems may be described by various terms – geothermal heat pumps, earth-coupled heat exchangers, horizontal or vertical heat exchangers, groundwater-source heat pumps, or groundwater thermal exchange devices. But all systems include the same basic operation – circulating a fluid that is in contact with the earth through a heat exchanger in order to obtain heat for heating a structure or remove heat when cooling a structure.


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